Sunday, July 21, 2013

Twice in one day


Sitting in the pub that is connected with the inn I'm staying at - I'm tasting a different whiskey every night - not my usual drink, but when in Rome.... I'm finding that I'm enjoying the differences. Last night the bartender thought I should try a "lady's" whiskey. Tonight a woman is tending the bar, so I tried something peaty - a man's whiskey. I prefer the peaty one. Tasted so far: Macallum, Tobermory, Bunnahabhain, and Lagavullin. I didn't try one my first night since I was too tired from the overnight bus.

Photo shoot on the Place de la Bastille

So here are a bunch of random notes and photos from Paris. I apologize if I repeat any of them.

Book stall along the Seine

So how many four-year-olds do you know who have buying a map from a book stall along the Seine on their bucket list? This was very important for Andrew. And he was thrilled when he got to do it and thrilled with his purchase.

Parisian window - again

One day I was sitting in the Tuilleries, when an Indian/Pakistani (guessing here) man asked me for money. He was elderly and he had a really sweet face and I gave him some money. He proceeded to tell me is family story (was it true? I don't care). He then asked me where I was from. When I told him California, his face lit up. He said that, of course, I'd given him money. I'm from California!

Eye on the world

I've mentioned the people in need of mental healthcare in France who are roaming the streets. I was sitting at a cafe when an elderly woman walked by. She was clearly known in the neighborhood - she was making obscene gestures, shouting, you know the drill. Later, a man at the cafe fell asleep at his table and the staff could not get him to wake up no matter how much they poked him.

Rose window up close

Suddenly, a waiter to got the great idea of tracking down the woman. They talked her into waking the guy up. First she went to the wrong guy - poked him in the groin and laughed hysterically. But finally she got the right guy. She was a bit aggressive, but the waiters were pleased with the results.

? ? ? ? ? 

I assume only English speakers are drawn in by this silliness! What is this?

Cafe closed

They're getting drunk at the bar! Talking about seeing adders on the beach and talking about St. Patrick driving the snakes from Ireland. Wearing your Wellies to protect your ankles! It's getting quite animated!

Notre Dame

It's difficult keeping my head in Paris when I'm in a Scottish pub - no wifi in my room, so here I am thinking of going to bed! Listening to the Scottish accents reminds me that I sometimes find it easier to understand a French waiter speaking French than to understand a Scottish waiter speaking English! I should have expected it, since I use the English subtitles for Scottish movies.

Parisian peace and justice activist

I first saw this guy driving around the Place de la Bastille on this huge contraption covered in signs. It was so unwieldy that I couldn't imagine he could get around. I later discovered that he sets up behind Notre Dame and plays several instruments and has a whole bunch of (solar activated?) fountains going - among all sorts of other weird stuff. A Parisian institution, I think.

Same guy!

Revolution and poetry - he must be one of the 100 Thousand Poets for Change!


Chipping away at Paris. Good night!

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  1. Whiskey? I had no idea.

    Don't they provide mental health services and shelters in France? I thought they had a great healthcare system.

    Looks like you're still enjoying traveling. Lovely pics and commentary.