Sunday, July 21, 2013

I hope this works

The internet is really slow here - west coast of Scotland - so I'm not sure whether this is going to work.

View from my room overlooking Kilmartin Glen

I still have a whole bunch of photos and stories to write about Paris. Was I ever in Paris? This is soooo different! But I did want to catch you up on where I am.

View out the same window - just to the right

I'm spending nine nights in Scotland and, for most of it, the weather has been very warm and sunny! Though I overheard a woman say that "the glass is dropping. There's a front to the northwest." A few wispy clouds, so maybe.

My window in the Kilmartin Hotel

The west coast of Scotland reminds me of northern California in winter (when it's green) - especially west Marin and the Sierra foothills (without the Sierra behind).

Kilmartin Hotel seen through the arch
leading to the cemetery

I'm about to give up on this, I think. It has taken half an hour to get this far!

Scottish raspberries in Fort William

Inverlochy Castle - now a luxury hotel and world famous restaurant - was right up the road from where I was staying in Fort William. Needless to say, it was out of my league, but in 1972 I began making Creme Brulee Inverlochy Castle - which appeared in Gourmet magazine at the time. Its claim to fame was that it had raspberries in it. My mother adored raspberries and she loved that creme brulee. I was determined to eat a Scottish raspberry dessert in her honor.

A different castle seen from the ferry between Mull and Oban

So I ended up with a raspberry dessert that had pistachio "soil" and bay and basil ice cream. It was actually very delicious, but my mother would not have liked it at all.

Okay, as I said, giving up - it's dinner time and I've gotten nowhere. Tomorrow I head to an even more remote location, so who knows when I'll be on next. But here, the electricity isn't even strong enough for me to charge my camera through my computer - which I've been doing my entire trip.

The mist forming on the loch at Fort William

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