Tuesday, September 3, 2013

End of the day

This is just a quick post so that I can test whether I've fixed the problem for subscribers. Notifications haven't been going out for a couple of weeks and I've written a lot of posts in that time, so we'll see if this works.

Dinner and beer in Ruthin

After leaving the Eisteddfod in Denbigh, we stopped in Ruthin (I think that's where we were) and had dinner, so I took my usual photo of the beer.

Out the pub window

I love the copper details on this church

Many times on our way from here to there we passed a lovely woven fence and we kept meaning to stop for photos. On the way home from the Eisteddfod we finally stopped.

Fence detail

We pulled off down a little lane and found all sorts of wonderful things to photograph- mostly old, falling apart buildings.

Hole in the roof

Another oldie, but a goodie

I like the way the church's copper details, the woven fence, and the two doors on the old buildings are all sort of a pale teal blue/green - an apparent theme that evening! I love the color.

A living roof of wildflowers

Guardian of an entry gate

So that's it. Just a few photos from the remainder of the day to see if I got the problem fixed. Fingers crossed. And still a week of the vacation to go.....

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  1. Greetings dear Susan. It's been so long since we last talked. I had no idea your mother had died. I remember quite clearly our last conversation -----over Roosevelt of all topics. She was a powerful will and a charming conversationalist. Welcome back! I couldn't agree more whole heartedly about Obama, although I prefer to call him Obozo. To even mildley criticize him is to bring down the wrath of Obots. But, I say bring it on as I have been saying since the inauguration number one. Term number two is exactly that. Peace, xxooo M